My review of Love or Lust

September 23, 2019

I am leaving a review for my own book as I finally got the chance to really read it word for word. I am here to defunct any negative connotations that may be associated with this book. This book is not for everyone. There is no hero or heroine. These are characters, living a very complicated life, dealing with relationship struggles.

Spoilers: You meet Kate, John, Damien and Mallory, the four main characters. Kate & John are married along with Damien and Mallory. Kate is a 23 year old mother of 3 who meets a 35 year old man that works with her husband. There is an attraction from the beginning that both try to hide. The first few years are stolen kisses at parties, nothing too serious. Things go to the next level, five years later, and that's when things become more complicated and feelings start to brew. As they keep in touch throughout the next 7 years, and only a handful of sexual encounters, Kate and Damien decide to do the right thing and finally end their marriages.

After a miscarriage and a sudden departure, Kate has to put the pieces of her life back together. Five years pass before her past comes back to haunt her and make her reevaluate her life. Damien is back in the picture before she meets a woman, that later turns out to be her ex's fiancée. A series of events ensue as Kate tries to put the past behind her and move on but her attraction to Damien is still too strong. She makes a few mistakes along the way that, not only complicate her life, but those around her. Damien has to make a decision between the two women in his life once and for all.

There may be times that you will hate Damien and resent Kate for some of the choices they make. This is to show the reader the darker side of relationships. Nobody talks about the internal struggles cheaters go through trying to justify their actions. Sometimes you have to go through all the hurt to finally get to a place of peace.

I hope this review helps with anyone that has doubts about whether this is the type of book for them. Under the question section, I put in a disclaimer that announces what's in the book in case it is a trigger for some readers.

One sentence in the book stands out: Life wasn't a fairy tale. There were always villains in the background, waiting for you to fall off your high horse, ready to steal whatever they could. This can resemble so many things in a person's life, professionally and personally.

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