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Have you ever wondered if it was love or lust? Is there a distinction between the two? Can you have both?

According to Kate McGrady, she never thought she would meet someone to lust after even yet be lusted after.

Enter Damien Michaelson, the man that would change everything. Never did Kate think she would meet someone that made her mouth water, legs shake, and have her dirty mind on repeat. Could it be love and happily ever after or is her body just lusting after the fact that he is someone else's husband?



Jennifer James’ life has been anything from ordinary. The subject of hatred from her father made her delve into a life of broken relationships and friendships and the excuse that she is not the project of her own actions.

After a brutal beating from her father when she was seven years old, Jennifer James struggles to find her place, whether in life or in her many relationships. Something from her past is haunting her. Is her mind playing tricks or is somebody pulling the strings? Jennifer cannot seem to figure out why bad things keep happening to her and to those around her. Even as she has children, there is always someone lurking in the background, plotting their next move to bring her down.

Also introduced is Jennifer’s sister, Theresa, and her own take on her sister’s life. She also deals with the dysfunction of her own relationship with her child’s father and learning that first loves are hard to get over.

Tentative Release December 21, 2019

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