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Why does Damien try to make a go of things with Mallory only to go back to Kate?

I think to be back in his hometown surrounded by his family, hoping to rekindle the magic they had. Once the explosion happened, it changed things for Damien, and he started to think about who was really important to him.

How has Damien never cheated before Mallory but managed to abandon her twice when he met Kate and Monique?

Some men are like that.  They meet someone and boom, everything changes. Life or complications either push things to a breaking point or help a couple. Plus us women could be gullible to think that if a man made a mistake, he'd atone for them. 

Why did Damien return to Mallory after leaving Kate? Then leave her for Monique?

I guess after losing Luna, it felt good to go back to something familiar.

Once the severity of what happened wore off, it was time for him to move on, thinking he could leave his past behind.

How did Damien fall in love with Monique when he loved Kate so much?

You can be in love with 2 people for 2 different reasons. He loved Monique because she was his high school sweetheart and loved Kate because she was new and exciting. 

Why did Damien treat the women in his life so badly?

He could blame it on the head trauma, or he figured why avoid the evitable. Eventually you have to make a choice. 

Did you use the name Damien as a link to the son of the devil?

I've always liked the name Damien, and it was the first name to pop up for this book. Damien also means "to tame" so it fits for this story 😊